Your customers won’t buy what they don’t understand.

It’s frustrating when you know your message isn’t connecting. When customers—and your employees—just aren’t getting it. Because you know you’re leaving money on the table. At Imaginasium, we help manufacturers like you clarify their message, build understanding inside their own walls, and create the marketing that moves customers to action. Let's get started. 


First we understand the parts. Then we influence the whole.

Marketing only works when it’s part of a bigger picture. Our Customer Experience Ecosystem approach ensures that.

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In a digital world, your online experience is more important than ever.

The manufacturing buyer’s journey isn’t just handshakes and face time anymore. Your customers are looking you up online, long before you’ve even met. That’s why we bring the best in digital strategy, SEO, content marketing and UX/UI design to our clients. So your online experience will be a true reflection of your whole customer experience. And a powerful driver in your sales process. 

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It’s all about results. Here are some recent success stories:

  • Dental City -
  • Kohler Power Systems -
  • Prevea Health/Dean Health System -
  • Boldt - The Boldt Company reinvigorates itself for a national push

What we’re talking about:

Jacob Yahnke

Melinda and Kurt discuss Kurt’s philosophy of building an intentional culture as the first and most important step in building a strong, successful brand and customer experience.