We help manufacturers drive growth and change.

Imaginasium creates and aligns superior employee and customer brand experiences that strengthen customer engagement. Our clients are complex brands — our integrated approach involves all aspects of the organization to position them for greater success, inside and out.

When you want to go further, faster…

These scenarios are the best times to engage us to evaluate the strength of your brand, determine your level of alignment, and build internal/external experiences to achieve success:

  • Growth Issues

    Growth Issues

    • You've acquired or merged with another company.
    • You're launching a new product, service or company.
    • You want to expand geographically.
    • Organic growth requires change or reorganization.
  • Sales Situations

    Sales Situations

    • A competitor has mounted an unexpected attack.
    • Your profit margin or market share is shrinking.
    • Your product has been commoditized or lacks differentiation.
    • There are brand recognition issues with key prospects.
  • Marketing/ Execution

    Marketing/ Execution

    • Your brand expressions lack excitement or relevance.
    • You're having difficulty knowing what to brand and how.
    • Your brand is confusing (too many sub-brands, logos, etc.)
    • You need brand metrics to track success.
  • Customer Experience

    Customer Experience

    • There's a gap between business vision and customer experience.
    • The experience is inconsistent across media/cultural borders.
    • You wish to increase your relevancy to certain customers.
    • You need to better capitalize on each point of customer contact.
  • Strategic Initiatives

    Strategic Initiatives

    • Your product or company lacks a clear strategy.
    • You need to better understand your brand's SWOTs.
    • You would like to identify the best categories for product extensions.
    • You need to decide the relationships between parent and sub-brands.
  • Culture/ Alignment

    Culture/ Alignment

    • Leadership changes require buy-in for new initiatives.
    • You sense internal alignment gaps that need education.
    • Your staff is not fully engaged in delivering the experience.
    • You need to get management buy-in for brand programs.

Want to discuss your unique issue in more detail? Contact our president, Patrick Hopkins, for a no-commitment conversation on potential solutions for your situation.


It’s all about results. Here are some recent success stories:

  • Amerhart -
  • Dental City - Infection Control Products reinvents itself and retains every customer in the process
  • Kohler Power Systems - Helping Kohler Power Systems find its place in the family
  • Prevea Health/Dean Health System -
  • Boldt - The Boldt Company reinvigorates itself for a national push

What we’re talking about:

Amanda Brooker

Patrick and Craig discuss innovation, whether your company really needs policies, and the importance of integrating culture and brand for a seamless experience both internally and externally.