Building on 30 years of experience, we're your Smart Marketing Agency

By: Denis Kreft

Do you stay up at night wondering how your company can grow? Or, coming off of a crazy year, even how you can sustain your place in the market? Since 1996 we have helped manufacturers in the Midwest market to their customers, employees, and employee candidates. This means that we understand your unique marketing needs – bringing serious chops and experience in strategic thinking about your business objectives, and helping you grow. 

These days, you can’t open up your laptop without bumping into a digital marketing agency. But we’re way more than that – we’re a smart marketing agency for the 21st century. We know all of the tools that go into a great marketing strategy, and we use every arrow in our quiver to help you hit your target customers and target sales goals. 

As we launch our new website and updated brand, it’s a great time to talk about what truly sets Imaginasium apart...

1. Deep experience in B2B and manufacturing marketing

We built a reputation as an agency focused on B2B and manufacturing clients brick by brick, project by project. We've learned it's all about the strategy and that's how we've built our firm — to make an impact with our clients strategically with marketing and growth planning that generates leads.


For years, we have leveraged digital tools like online advertising, websites, email campaigns, and social media; for years before that, we became experts in direct mail, video, and even marketing by phone. And we still have all of those capabilities, along with new strengths that we’re developing in evolving spaces like geo-fencing for lead generation, chatbots, marketing automation, and SEO dominated content marketing.

Today, the ecosystem of services that we can tap is incredible, so we can create the right content, in the right channel, in the right way for every audience you want to reach. Our work still draws out the truths of your brand, but we are laser focused on lead generation: identifying and cultivating potential customers and candidates for your company.

2. We become part of your team

One of our collaborators recently referred to us as “the 10 year marketing partner.” That’s exactly how we think of ourselves – we love long-term relationships with clients, where we can evolve with a company, helping them overcome challenges and seeing them grow more than they thought possible. 

We do this by becoming an extension of your in-house marketing department. It goes deeper than being experts on call; it’s a partnership. Yes, we can deliver assets that you need quickly and painlessly. But we also are truly there for you, so you always know and understand what we are working on together – building upon the foundation of your business goals and a marketing strategy that will get you there. Yes, we handle all of the details, but the benefit is much greater: you know more, worry less, and have the freedom to be curious about where you want to take your company next.

3. We take a strategic approach

At their best, strategy and tactics aren’t broken out into a “step one-step two” process. When we sit down with you to talk about lead generation – whether it is for customers, employee candidates, business partners, or all of the above – we take the time to understand your objectives, resources, and even gaps that might need to be filled. 

This is what makes us the smart marketing agency: strategic thinking and expert implementations are never separate. They’re both always in play as we demonstrate acumen in understanding your business and audiences, and develop solutions that get results.

You know how you want to grow. We help you get there more efficiently and effectively. As we say here at Imaginasium: you imagine it, we make it real. 

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