An Exhaustive List of the 50 Best Marketing Books in 2020+ That You Probably Haven’t Read (Yet) but Definitely Want To

An Exhaustive List of the 50 Best Marketing Books in 2020+ That You Probably Haven’t Read (Yet) but Definitely Want To

Are you ready to level up your mad marketing skills and build better and longer-lasting customer relationships?

Then it’s time to get to reading. We’ve compiled a list of the 50 BEST marketing books available in 2020. And we’re betting you haven’t read or heard of them all!

Modern consumers HATE being sold to. They are savvy, connected and looking for a heck of A LOT more from the companies and brands they buy from. Instead, they want relationships and companies (and people) that care about THEM. They’re looking for beliefs and values that align with their own. They’re searching for brands that ask them what they WANT.

Today’s clients like to be INCLUDED.

Knowing all this, we scoured the web and bookstores. We asked marketing experts what books they recommended for upping your marketing skills. Then we took all the suggestions and created a master list that includes not only some of the latest written texts but also classics that keep holding true decades after they first came on the scene.

If you’re ready to stand out from the crowd of similar or identical products like the Las Vegas strip on a black night, then get to reading. We’re POSITIVE these books are filled with strategies that will have you asking the right questions and providing your ideal clients with exactly what they are looking for.

Disclaimer: We are NOT making money from the included links. Our goal was to make it easy for you to add these helpful marketing books to your reading list.
Building A Story Brand Book Cover

Stories have always connected people. “Building a Story Brand” teaches you how to use a storytelling framework to craft simple, easy-to-understand brand messages that connect with your customers.

Dive into the psychology of persuasion. This book is all about understanding why people say yes … and applying it through six key principles of (ethically) influencing others. It’s a master class in persuasion, taught by the influence master himself, Mr. Cialdini.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook Book Cover

Gary Vee’s superpower is using communication skills on social media to create followers that hang on his every word. Find out how he does it in this can’t-miss marketing book.

Every piece of marketing content you create is a pitch. So, if you can’t pitch and close the deal, your business won’t survive. Learn tricks for creating pitch presentations that convert to sales. 

The Tipping Point book cover

New ideas can create waves that change the world. “Tipping Point” examines past ideas for clues to help you craft strategy in your business RIGHT NOW that will successfully change the way consumers think and do.

Want to know what motivates people to buy?

Dig deep into this book for the four-step habit-forming marketing process that not only hooks your customers initially but keeps them coming back for more.

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing book cover

This is one of the “oldies but goodies” classic marketing books. It’s filled with marketing laws written before the digital age, but they’re still relevant today to successfully launch brands that connect and last.

Modern marketing isn’t about manipulating clients into buying your products and services. Instead, Ms. Jiwa guides us through how to develop trust as an effective selling tool by working to understand and assist your clients.

Made To Stick book cover

Ever wonder why people continually fall for get-rich-quick schemes but don’t look twice at a solution—your solution—that actually works? Then you need to read this one and learn why people are more apt to believe the lie, so you can learn how to make your truths stickier.

Learn how to transform your business into a “purple cow” that stands out in a crowd of identical products and services. We consider this one of Seth’s best marketing books.

Top of Mind book cover

Want to be the first name your customers think of when it comes to helping them succeed? This is a  useful guide on how to build the relationships and trust that keep you front and center in your customers’ minds.

Delbert and David literally wrote the marketing textbook on how a successful marketing strategy affects consumer behavior. It includes marketing fundamentals and beyond for anyone looking to get ahead in their business.

The Anatomy of Buzz book cover

Consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations first and foremost over any other form of marketing. Mr. Rosen is the expert at helping you learn how to create buzz around your products and services—and keep people talking.

Are you ready to get the most out of your website?

Then you need to read this blueprint for building a website that creates the momentum and communication needed to deliver value straight to your client’s device.

Marketing Rebellion book cover

In the age of information overload, consumers are quick to jump ship. Mark explores how you can create loyal customers who advertise for you, while helping you make sense of the fast-changing pace of today’s business environment.

Brand new to the business world?

Then you have to read “Marketing for Dummies.” It’s full of tried-and-true, evergreen marketing strategies that work for not only small businesses, but giant corporations as well.

Blue Ocean Shift book cover

Go from being just another fish in the sea to the one who outswims the whole school when you read the step-by-step marketing strategies included in this bestseller.

Are you ready to build a deliberate marketing plan that takes you from zero to hero on ONE PAGE?

Spend a few hours reading this book, then create your own marketing plan, literally on one page.

The Catalyst book cover

Have you ever noticed how when you try to push people to change, they dig their heels in further? Stop pushing with your marketing and learn how to be the catalyst that shifts people and industries into thinking, doing and buying differently.

This is one of the top marketing books for helping you get into the heads of your clients and create a winning pitch that persuades with confidence.

Secrets of a Master Closer book cover

You don’t need gimmicks, tricks or hacks to sell. Instead, deliver value. That’s how you’ll build trust and make customers love you. This book gives you the eight-step strategy Mike developed to do just that—and turn the employees of his THREE multi-million dollar companies into master closers.

Throw out everything you know about traditional marketing and hack the market using strategies and techniques that have helped create many of the modern mega-companies.

Permission Marketing book cover

When was the last time you enjoyed being sold?

Seth Godin is back with another one of his marketing books that tosses traditional advertising in the trash. You’ll learn how to communicate with customers who actually want to hear from you, in a way that builds relationships and trust..

Mr. Kennedy dips into the simple and not-so-simple practices of successfully using attraction marketing to find, attract and keep clients who will happily tell the world how much they love your products and services.

Good to Great book cover

Get an in-depth look into 28 companies that made the leap from good to great. Examine what types of leadership, discipline, and simple ideas are the recipe to take a company to the top.

In the age when consumers often know more than you do, Chris crafts a step-by-step strategy for finding, connecting and building relationships with the modern consumer—and converting them into leads and sales.

Conversational Marketing book cover

Chatbots can give your customers instant answers, resulting in faster decision-making and buying. This book will show you how to make them work for your business.

Ready to embrace the digital age and see growth like Sephora and Hot Wheels?

Take a look at this step-by-step playbook on how to find opportunities and gear your business towards growth in today’s society.

Ask. book cover

Want to know what people want so you can create a product or service that sells?

Learn exactly what and how to ask so that you get the right answers every time.

Attraction and influence marketing are nothing new. This is an updated version of one of the absolute must-read classic marketing books on the market. Succeed using common sense approaches to build relationships that work.

Crush It! book cover

Ready to turn your hobby—your passion—into something that makes you money? Follow the teachings of Gary Vee to find out how to use the power of the internet to turn something you love into a money-maker using social media.

Sleazy, manipulative tricks no longer work with today’s savvy buyers. What you need to win the battle for attention is content that stands out in a sea of mediocrity. Discover how to share your story so you can connect on an emotional level and win the content war.

Everybody Writes book cover

Your online words can either build confidence and trust or destroy it. Use this powerful advice to help you craft content that people want to read and will help determine your brand’s success.

This is one of the most-read marketing books of all time. This classic work compiles lessons from famous world leaders to help you uncover what worked and what didn’t—so you don’t make the same mistakes on your road to success.

The Content Formula

You’re told to create content, but do you really know and understand the value—the ROI—of the content you deliver? Or how to best maximize it to achieve success in today’s world? Stop guessing and know exactly what a piece of content is going to do for your business.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay and is making an impact on every industry. Are you ready to learn how to scale your business and how you’re going to compete in the world of AI?

Find out how to compete in the rapidly changing world of technology.

Guerrilla Marketing book cover

Are you a small business trying to compete in a big world?

You HAVE TO read this book. You’ll learn how vital it is to automate marketing processes, stay current with current marketing technology trends, and use the power of freelancers to further your business.

Leveraging the RIGHT social media platforms is a must for every business and brand today. #GetSocialSmart delivers strategies for live streaming, video and written content to help you develop a loyal following and will leave your customers begging for more.

Snap Selling book cover

Keeping it simple is one of the easiest and best marketing strategies available. Stop overthinking it and find out how to become invaluable to your customers by aligning with what they believe in and are looking for.

This book takes you through how to sell without being inauthentic, creating a story that appeals to the emotions of consumers and converts into sales without telling lies.

Buy-ology book cover

Have you ever wanted to see into the mind of your potential customers?

To find out exactly why they buy some products and not others? Well, here’s your chance. This book explored the minds of more than 2,000 people, using neuroscience to find out what does and doesn’t influence buying behavior.

Stop selling to your customers and use the brilliance behind Mr. Pulizzi’s approach of crowdsourcing content directly from them, resulting in buyers who buy without ever feeling sold.

Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind book cover

Market positioning, understanding where to place yourself in a world with increasing competition, is an important part of business success. These two authors use their experience to help you learn how to position yourself to be seen.

Simon’s strength is in demonstrating how great leaders flip the typical business model on its head. Rather than trying to lead with selling your “what” (product/service), he clearly shows how starting with a purpose people can believe in, identify with and connect to on an emotional level is a far superior approach to selling your company’s products and services, as well as attracting top talent.

To Sell Is Humans book cover

We are all selling something today, whether it’s getting our kids to eat their peas or pitching a product to a potential client. Learn how to keep it human while succeeding in today’s society of selling by looking at things from others’ perspectives.

Are you always too busy?

Then it’s time to use this method to stop spending 80% of your time on things that don’t matter and instead, discover the 20% that truly matters for your marketing success.

You, Inc. book cover

Stop competing with noisy online distractions and stereotyping. This book gives you more than 150 lessons and practical strategies to help you acquire and keep your client’s attention. This is a marketing book staple for any business owner.

It’s time to stop tossing content out into the world in hopes it will stick. This book will help you deliberately create strategic content—inbound marketing that’s designed to bring potential clients directly to you.

Hacking Growth book cover

Learn the growth-hacking secrets that behemoths like Airbnb, Pinterest, Walmart and IBM used to focus on customers and keep them coming back for more and more. Read to learn a strategy that is not only cost-effective but easily scalable for any business. 

Prefer science to base your marketing techniques on?

Then you’re going to love this book that takes a look at both neuroscience and behavior research to help determine why and what people will buy. It’ll help any business leader find success, the scientific way.

Closing the Cover on Marketing Books

Young women with glasses sitting at a table reading a book.

So, how many of these 50 best marketing books have you already heard of or read? And which ones did you immediately add to your reading list?

Leave a comment below with the books you love and others you think need to be added to the list.

Even though we live in a digital marketing age, the ONLY way to win with today’s consumers is still to:

  • Implement marketing that speaks directly to their pain points or desires.
  • Provide value and solutions to their problems.
  • Let them know you CARE about what matters to them.

This means it’s more important than ever that you KNOW how to build a marketing relationship with your current, future and potential customers and foster that.

Create a content marketing strategy for your business that hits all these high notes, and...

  • You’ll be set to zoom ahead of your competition with a marketing plan that works.
  • You’ll know what influences people to buy.
  • You’ll be able to create content that delivers value.
  • You’ll learn how to build relationships that last.

And if you want some marketing advice, please reach out, and we’d be happy to chat with you!

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