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Great culture can be a powerful thing — both inside the organization and impacting customer relationships, as well. It can even be a significant differentiator to rise above the competition and help acquire new customers. But that’s only possible if the culture is well-defined, fully embraced by all within, and clearly communicated in a way that’s relevant to your potential customers.

Any kind of change has the potential to disrupt both employee engagement and customer relationships. Even positive changes can throw an organization off kilter, until staff and customers fully embrace the “new normal.” But there are early warning signs of change. And when you recognize them, you can take proactive steps to minimize the impact—or prevent misalignment issues altogether.

Engaging employees and customers — and aligning them around the brand and business goals — are the most critical success factors for top-performing companies. Yet so many organizations fail to reach their full potential by not fully embracing some key principles when planning and implementing strategy, goals and brand initiatives. But how do you know exactly where your problems lie?