That’s the core of what we do. And, like any good problem solver, we start with diagnosing and truly understanding the real challenge at hand.

We approach business challenges strategically and holistically—because any challenge can seem straightforward, but the answers are never found in functional silos. They’re a combination of issues along the continuum between your vision and the actual customer experience.

Imaginasium addresses those issues by combining three distinct but vitally important areas of expertise:

Strategic Direction

Going further faster requires focused effort. That's why all of our engagements start with strategy. It's vital to identify business goals, expectations, results measurement, resources, executive buy-in and alignment issues — all of which impact the desired change.

Live Your Story Process

Aligning business goals and employee actions with brand-building customer interactions.

Live Your Story Process

Live Your Story is our comprehensive, integrated process for organizations seeking to drive significant change. Through our Live Your Story process, we'll:

  • Uncover your unique story
  • Diagnose areas of misalignment
  • Design the desired customer brand experience
  • Define the look, feel, and personality of the brand
  • Competitively position you in the marketplace
  • Plan how to communicate your story to customers
  • Align and engage employees around behaviors and attitudes that sustain that experience at every customer touchpoint

Investment and time frame vary, depending on scope of the project, how many members of leadership are involved, and additional staff training needs. The process includes the Customer Experience Plan and the Employee Experience & Alignment Plan.

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Imaginasium's strategic services can also be utilized to address specific issues regarding vision & mission, leadership alignment, business unit alignment, product launches, geographic expansion, competitive threats, etc.

Internal Alignment & Communication

The best-laid strategies quickly run into trouble if the team doesn’t first embrace a clear vision and understand their role in delivering it. The more engaged and aligned the workforce is, the better the employee and customer retention numbers will be.

Our internal plans and assessments provide an understanding and framework for addressing internal alignment and engagement issues.

Employee Experience & Alignment Plan

When change is occurring and you need to get the team up to speed quickly—and keep them there.

Improving engagement with your mission, vision, values, and brand is one of the most challenging tasks for leadership. Imaginasium's Employee Experience & Alignment Plan provides:

  • Baseline measurement for employee engagement
  • Assessment of the current internal employee experience
  • Plans for progression to higher engagement
  • Design of a team-centric experience to improve efficiency, satisfaction, and retention

This process includes the Employee Engagement Assessment (below).

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Employee Engagement Assessment

When you need to measure how well your staff believes in and acts on your vision, mission, values, and goals.

The Employee Engagement Assessment is an excellent way to see where the company is as a whole, as well as where individual departments may be leading or lagging. It’s the basis for powerful conversations and actions that impact the entire organization.

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Imaginasium offers a range of consultative, coaching, and creative/digital execution services that include Culture & Internal Alignment, Internal Communications Consulting, Change Communications, Leadership Communications Consulting, Sales and Marketing Alignment and Recruitment Branding.

EmPowerSM Employer Brand Development 

When you need to get the right people in the door and build a winning team.

In a competitive marketplace, your company needs to be positioned so top talent is choosing you. Imaginasium’s EmPower Employer Brand Development provides:

  • Assessment of your organization’s brand, culture, and communication style
  • Understanding of potential obstacles to engagement and retention, and a plan to minimize the impacts
  • Consistent audience messaging for all employer-related communications
  • A targeted plan to reach potential employees across geographies, positions, and generations

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Marketing & Customer Experience

A competitive marketplace can throw a lot of obstacles in the way of achieving your vision. Imaginasium has developed plans and assessments to help your company differentiate itself, be heard among the clutter, and truly deliver a consistent customer experience—at every touchpoint, every time.

Customer Experience Plan

When things are clicking internally, but you need to redefine or restructure your desired external customer experience.

Our Customer Experience Plan will help you engage customers at every touchpoint, through intentional, sustainable experiences. Imaginasium will:

  • Assess the current way your customers interact with your organization
  • Use research and facilitation with your team to develop customer engagement strategies
  • Design a well-thought-out, intentional experience at each customer touchpoint

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Customer Experience Assessment

When you need to understand your customers' expectations and whether or not you're meeting them at every touchpoint.

Really knowing your customers' expectations and how to meet them can be the difference between continued loyalty and casting an eye toward your competition. Our Customer Experience Assessment will:

  • Track the customer experience from awareness to purchase to advocacy, and all points in between
  • Lay the groundwork for effective customer engagement strategies

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Imaginasium's customer engagement services also include Brand Development, Marketing & Communications Planning, Research, Brand Engagement, Public Relations, Content Management, Creative Development, and Digital Experience.


While everything begins with strategy, Imaginasium is also fully staffed with creative, digital, P.R., and distribution talent who routinely knock brand messaging out of the park. Which means we can execute our recommendations and tactics at every point from vision to customer experience. Here's a full list of our capabilities.

Brand Development
  • Brand Strategy & Assessments
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Marketing & Communications Planning
  • Research Management
Internal Communications
  • Culture & Internal Alignment
  • Internal Communications Consulting
  • Change Communications
  • Leadership Communications Consulting
  • Recruitment Branding
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
Brand Engagement
  • Channel Planning
  • Media Planning/Buying
P.R./Content Management
  • Branded Content Creation
  • Reputation Management
  • Word of Mouth Marketing
Creative Development
  • Campaigns
  • Corporate/Brand Identity & Language
  • Advertising—Print, Digital, Broadcast, Outdoor, and Nontraditional
  • One-to-One Marketing
  • Collateral/Literature Development
  • Sales Force Material
  • Trade Show/Road Show Applications
  • Corporate Communications/Annual Reports
  • Packaging
  • Point-of-Purchase
  • Experiential/Environmental Design
Digital Experience
  • Web Development
  • Search Marketing
  • Mobile Strategies/Development
  • Digital Engagement Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Data & Online Analytics